Need Financing To Purchase Your Home Or Funding For A Deal?………

At Acumen Investments, LLC….we don’t stop at getting you the perfect property at the right price. We ensure you will be able to finance your home buying or investment needs.  In addition, as a retail buyer, we want to make sure your initial investment in your dream house will be within your budget and resources.

Also, we want investors to get the proper funding for any investment endeavor. If it’s a desired property in Florida or anywhere in the country, we can get the job done!

Why We Can Help You Get The Cash You Need To Close The Deal!

This is why Acumen will help you get the financing you need. We do this by understanding your budget and financial resources and working within those parameters.  We then find you the right kind of investment. Whether it’s a loan, direct investment, or financing we will help you achieve your investment goals.

Regardless of your credit history or financial situation, we still can help. It’s much tougher to get traditional loans through banks and other lending institutions. We want you to move into your Florida home! Our lending partners offer the best rates and terms to meet your real estate needs.

Our Funding Partners Are Eager To Provide You With The Money You Need!

imagesIn order to make sure you get the financing options you need, we partner with top notch lending firms. We partner with several credible private lenders. Between our experience in the industry and the options and knowledge of our partners, we will find the financing option that fits your real estate needs.

We won’t force any option on you that makes you uncomfortable, nor will we work outside of your budget.  We want to see you happy and successful in your new investment or purchase. That’s why at Acumen Investments, we offer a variety of financing and funding options. Please contact us today at (800) 868-0388 to discuss your options.